Lake George

Strange lands: Earth mysteries down under

For those early settlers, the Australian landscape, fauna and flora most certainly appeared unwelcoming, unforgiving and even alien. Along with having to contend with the rugged, inhospitable Australian bush, severe droughts and flooding rains, there were also those strange beasts … like the wild hairy man, Jerrawerra, bunyip and fearsome big cats. But apart from…

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Thar bunyip

Bunyip of Thargomindah: Mystery animal caught in a media circus

On 2 August 1941, the Courier Mail broke the news that for several months, a mysterious creature had been sighted lurking in Lake Dynevor, just outside Thargomindah, a small outback Queensland town located 1,100 kilometres west of Brisbane. News of the Thargomindah Bunyip quickly spread and soon newspapers across the east coast were updating readers…

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