Mystery big cats roaming 1930s Gippsland district

During the 1930s in Victoria’s Gippsland district, mystery beasts of the feline kind were said to be slinking and stalking through the thick undergrowth. Experienced bushmen were left shaking in their boots, kids were kept home from school by worried mothers, brave dogs bolted with their tails between their legs, and farmers were unwilling to…

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yowie drawing

Yowie killed on the road to Cooma in 1893?

While delivering his goods to the Southern Tablelands township of Captain’s Flat, Braidwood cordial maker Arthur Marrin’s dog suddenly ran out from the bushes and off down the road in a terrible fright. Something had really spooked Marrin’s canine companion. Arthur Marrin soon discovered the object of his dog’s intense fear when a large, hairy…

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Knowles UFO

Australia’s most intriguing UFO cases

From the mid-19th century through to recent times, Australia has had its share of compelling UFO reports. This week, weirdaustralia takes a look at some of the most intriguing Australian UFO encounters. Airships of 1909 During the winter of 1909, much of southeast Australia was abuzz with reports of mysterious lights flying through the skies,…

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The Yahoo, Gubri Man, Hoori Woman & Rock Dog

“As far back as I can remember, the yarn of the Hairy Man was told in the Blue Mountain district of New South Wales. It scared children coming home by bush tracks from school and boys out late after lost cows; and even grown bushmen, when going along a lonely track after sunset, would hold…

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Kaikoura Lights

Kaikoura Lights: Most compelling of all UFO cases?

In December 1978, several months after Frederick Valentich disappeared over Bass Strait after reporting a UFO, unidentified lights were reported in the skies above Kaikoura, New Zealand, by the flight crew of a cargo plane. The unknown lights tracked the aircraft for several minutes before briefly disappearing and then reappearing elsewhere in the night sky.…

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