Night-time encounter with thin, gangly creature on the road to Landsborough

weirdaustralia recently received a first-hand report of a brief but frightening night-time encounter with a dark humanoid creature on a lonely, moonlit road in rural Victoria.

The witness, an observant young lady named Bella, still shaken by what she had seen, had the good sense to record her brief encounter when she arrived home, while still fresh in her memory.

This is the story of that encounter that Bella shared with weirdaustralia.

IMGP7201I’ve just had a very frightening experience driving home. It’s Tuesday, 29 September and the clock’s just hit 11 pm. I live in Landsborough, Victoria (about 45 minutes north of Ararat).

My mum and I were driving home from Moonambel roughly just before 10pm. There was no cloud and the moon was very bright. We were driving along at about 70 kph (being careful of kangaroos) and I was listening to my iPod and staring out the window, as I always do. I was thinking about how eerie it was with the moonlight shining on the paddocks.

All of a sudden I saw a very tall (about 8ft) thin, gangly, humanoid creature running very fast across the paddock (behind the wire fence next to the car) and towards a big cluster of trees. 

(See in picture. The dot marked “Thing” Is where I saw it (which now that I think about it should be more about where the arrow starts)).

It looked like it had just seen us and was sprinting for cover.

It had very long legs and it was running very fast. My guess is that it was trying to get to cover but we had the headlights on so I don’t know why it hadn’t started running sooner. It reached the trees just before we passed it.

I didn’t see any eyes or facial features, I only saw it from the back and from the side (as it was running). It was very dark, but the moonlight was shining off it a little. I couldn’t tell if it had fur or not. It looked more like the moonlight was shining off a dull surface rather than off shiny fur.

I saw it for roughly 3 to 3 and a half seconds and at first it was running at the same speed as the car, but at the last moment it started to overtake us.IMGP72002

I screamed: “Oh my god!” and my mum freaked out and slowed down a little thinking it was a kangaroo.

“What! What is it?” she asked.

I told her to “Keep driving! Keep driving!” because I was scared and I just wanted to get away from it.

To be honest, I didn’t really get the sense that it was aggressive or anything, I was just freaked the hell out. 

My mum didn’t see it, she was busy looking out for kangaroos on the road and by the time I realised what I saw and screamed it was too late for my mum to catch a glimpse of it.

It took me about five minutes to speak and tell mum what I saw. We still had another 15 to 20 minutes until we reached our house. Straight away I grabbed my sketchbook and drew what I had seen as best I could with my hands still shaking.

I was still shaking for about 2 hours after the sighting.

Some additional details

When asked if there had been any other cars on the road that night, Bella said that: “we passed a car a few more minutes up the road but that’s rare at that time of night, usually the roads are pretty quiet, especially at night.”

When asked if there had been any other strange reports in the area, Bella stated that: “the only other strange reports from the area are a few UFO and black panther sightings (the latest big cat sighting in 2003 in Landsborough).”

When asked whether she had felt anything strange prior to the sighting, Bella responded that she hadn’t but that “my mum said she was feeling a little weird before it happened, she said it was hard to explain.”

A big thank you to Bella for providing details of your sighting.

If you’ve had a weird encounter anywhere in Australia. please contact weirdaustralia.

9 thoughts on “Night-time encounter with thin, gangly creature on the road to Landsborough

  1. If I told you I saw this very thing on this very night I’m posting this comment around 2:30am I was driving home and I saw this creature like this running into the trees on the side of the road! I thought I had been seeing things but now I’ve found this I’m convinced I saw this creature!

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  2. I was just outside of Ballarat in Smythes Creek in Victoria around 2:30am and when I was driving I saw this thing run into the bushes I was frightened of the thing but decided to keep driving as I was freaked out though the thing didn’t do anything as I could only seen the back of it and did not see any facial looks. At first I thought it was a kangaroo but as soon as I realised it was running not hopping it couldn’t have been a kangaroo I thought. Every thing that pretty much happened to Bella happened to me but in a different location plus this time the creature was on the side of the road on the grass and as soon as I came over the small hill it ran into the trees on the side as the road was going through a bush area. I got home and called my friend straight away I was worried that it was because I was tired and I was only just seeing things but as soon as I saw this post and realised that mine and Bellas location is not that far away I’m convinced I didn’t just see something.


  3. This sounds like what the Whadjuk Noongar people here in WA call “Tall Men”. I live in a known area for these guys in the southern suburbs of Perth, and my kids and I have had several encounters with them. Generally they are harmless, unless you startle one or confront it directly (so I’ve heard, I have never actually tried to confront one, not that stupid lol). My kids used to see the Tall Man looking in their window all the time (that window is about 8ft above ground level), and my youngest son saw one standing in our front yard just staring at him one night (he was up late talking to me and suddenly stopped and went to look out the window, and we both saw it). There are water towers near my home, and that’s where the Tall Men apparently live, around the towers – I didn’t know that till recently, but in the 20 years I have lived in this place, I have never felt comfortable walking around the water towers because something about it just felt “off” to me and I felt like I was being watched. Now I know why lol. My impressions of them from my encounters are that they are pretty harmless, mostly just curious and like to keep an eye on us – I am aware of the Noongar lore that says parents tell their kids to behave or the Tall Man will come for you, and from what I’ve been told by local Noongar people, the Tall Man can be either good or bad (evidently it depends on the nature of the person who sees them, if you’re a bad person you’re more likely to be harmed and that’s why kids are warned to behave so the Tall Man doesn’t come).


      • Be sure to post anything you find out, I’ve had a really hard time finding info about these guys because many of the local Noongar people are very reluctant to talk about them (they believe it’s bad luck and brings you to the attention of the spirits, particularly if you are talking about them at night). I would really love to know more about the Tall Men, as despite having had several experiences with them I still have very little information.


  4. I saw something like this, after reading through the detailed report I’m almost certain I saw the same thing. My. Boyfriend and I were in the car driving down a farm road at about 10:30 at night,on our way home. In front of us as we were about to turn with the road, there appeared to be three branchy, tall , hunched, black creatures, walked quickly in front of the car about a hundred feet out. I didn’t say anything I was stunned with fear. Once I looked at my boyfriend he asked “did you see that?” I was both frightened and relieved that he saw it, quickly realizing I hadn’t imagined it. And I told him “yes”. It was chilling. I don’t know what it/they were but I know I didn’t imagine it. Side note: there were no people or other cars coming down the road.


  5. Have seen these over the years, coming from Canberra to Adelaide, at Tulka south of Port Lincoln, about 50ks east of Norseman. Other places but really can’t remember. Usually see them when there are big changes coming in my life and always got the feeling they are there to protect me.


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