Panthers roaming Sydney’s outskirts? Officials finally take reports seriously

Driving home late one Wednesday night after watching a football game with friends, my brother-in-law saw a “large black cat” walking along the highway at Springwood in the Blue Mountains. When I told him of a freight train driver’s recent night time sighting in the Hawkesbury of a large black cat sitting by the tracks with “green glowing eyes” my usually sceptical brother-in-law quickly changed his tune. He too noticed those eerie green glowing eyes.

pantherThen, several years later while driving home from Orange on a Sunday afternoon, he and my sister both spotted a large black cat sitting by the roadside outside Bathurst. They were both shocked by the size of the animal and agreed that it was far too big to be a feral domestic cat.

Big cat sightings across the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury regions have been reported for over 100 years now. But with more people moving into the wild bushland areas that surround Sydney, big cat sightings are becoming far more prevalent. And not only are these elusive felines making themselves seen in greater numbers, they are terrorising locals, stalking and killing their pets and livestock.

Government & wildlife officials take notice

With the large number of reports from credible witnesses coming in from across the greater Sydney region, the government and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) officials finally had no choice but to begin taking such reports seriously. Scepticism and ignorance were no longer an option when lives were potentially at risk.

In 2003, a NSW State Government inquiry into the “black panther phenomenon” concluded that “more likely than not a colony of ‘big cats’ is roaming Sydney’s outskirts”. One NPWS official stated that: “While we still haven’t got conclusive evidence that the creature exists, compiled evidence points strongly to the fact that it does.” And an expert on big cats involved in the inquiry, Dr Johannes Bauer, concluded that: “Difficult as it seems to accept, the most likely explanation of the evidence . . . is the presence of a large feline predator.”

But this wasn’t the first time the NSW State Government had taken black panther sightings seriously. In May 2001, a successful Freedom of Information (FOI) request revealed that the government had been keeping a secret black panther file.

And the NSW Premier changes his tune

Further evidence that big cat sightings throughout greater Sydney were being taken seriously by the government came in September 2008 when then NSW Premier Nathan Rees told reporters gathered in Penrith at the base of the Blue Mountains that: “I don’t think it’s necessarily an urban myth. There are too many people reporting sightings.”

The Premier had had a quick change of heart, however. Just one month earlier, as NSW Water Minister, he had said that the “black panther is an urban myth”.  But after reading a letter from a Hawkesbury resident who had compiled a database of over 600 recent sightings from local residents, the Premier became far more open to the possibility. “Of particular concern is if there are little kids out there and there actually is one of these things,” he told reporters.  “It is easy for all of us to dismiss these things … but if we’re actually wrong then there is an altogether different set of scenarios.”

Victorian government joins the hunt

In January 2011, the Victorian State Government joined the hunt with the State Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh confirming the government’s pre-election pledge for an investigation into the numerous unconfirmed sightings over the past decade.

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Big cats in the media

Over the years, the media has brought the black panther phenomenon to the attention of the wider, and often sceptical, public. In January 2010, tabloid current affairs program Today Tonight aired a segment on big cats…

More black panther sightings soon

Over the coming weeks I’ll research some of the more spectacular sightings and reports and post them here.

If you’ve had a big cat sighting, weirdaustralia would love to hear about it. Fill in the Contact form or leave a comment.


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7 thoughts on “Panthers roaming Sydney’s outskirts? Officials finally take reports seriously

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  3. Last night i woke to what i thought was a woman screaming i ran with mag-light across road into bush thinking someone was being murdered about 20 meters into bush heard screaming again and realized it was a dog last time i heard a sound like that my mate lost his hunting dog to a wild pig that got it over the dog i knew it was too late for the dog as i heard it stop its howling in the midst of its attack i ran out of bush in case it was a big boar not wanting to get what the dog received as i was running i turned and shone my torch back to where the noise came from a huge pair of green eyes was looking back at me when i hit the road i stopped shone my torch around again to work out what the eyes belonged to and saw a massive black panther in full detail unmistakable half the size of my miniature horse way too big to be a feral cat basically stalked me to the roadside called police said your gonna think I’m mad they said nope had heaps of reports spent morning talking to land conservation council etc they all told me they were aware of the big cats in my area i live just twenty kms from Lismore.


  4. I came in to contact with a large muscular black cat today at around 2pm on a 15km hike at the base of Martins Lookout which I was climbing when I saw its huge black body and long cat tail. I never saw its face but I was stalked for a while as I climbed at all times it was wishing 10 meters of me. I could not believe what was happening and I knew nothing of any reports of black cats up here until after I made it home safely. I just moved into the area a month ago.

    I turned my walking stick into a weapon and hissed at it as it came close through the bushes showing off its sleek muscular black body. It finally lost interest or went for a bush bird either way I was soaked wet by this stage still climbing.

    I just had to focus on survival at the time but later tonight the fear struck me causing me to throw up.

    I’ve contacted the council via email to file a report.

    The government cannot ignore this it’s going to kill someone eventually I was just extremely lucky that it wasn’t me today.


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