Dreamland: Closing our eyes & opening the door to the future

A punter dreams in detail about the winner of the upcoming Perth Cup … will he profit? A sailor dreams of a nautical disaster as he’s about to set sail from Sydney to Newcastle. Should he abandon ship? A doctor dreams the details of a child’s death that will soon be validated by a post mortem. And a housemaid’s dream of an angel leads to the discovery of a hidden will … in which she is a beneficiary.

When you fall asleep tonight, pay attention to your dreams!

dreamtimeA punter’s dream come true, but …

On 5 January 1924 the headline: A Cup Dream. Remarkable Pre-Vision Before Big Race appeared in Perth’s Mirror. The article told the story of one punter who had received the kind of information every race-goer dreams of – the winner of the upcoming Perth Cup – in a dream.

“When Lilypond dashed past Char in the [Perth] Cup on Tuesday, a man was heard to murmur: ‘The dream!’

“He had reason to,” the Mirror stated.

“The gentleman In question was Mr Billy Gepp, brother of footballer ‘Nugget’ Gepp and well known in sporting circles. There are so many stories of dreams in circulation that we don’t usually bother to give them publicity.

“But this is unique in that it was told to several persons of undoubted veracity before the Cup was run.

“Some weeks before the big race, Mr. Gepp had a dream that he was on the course on Cup Day and saw his brother backing Char. The next scene was one of the race. At the distance Char’s colours were in front and the horse looked a good thing.

“Then, something came with a rattle and Char was beaten into second place. That horse was Lilypond. Still in dreamland, the dreamer looked up his racebook for the rider. The name was given as ‘Straker’.

“This was dreamt perhaps three weeks before the race occurred.”

The article continued: “Char looked a good thing coming Into the straight on Tuesday, Lilypond came with a rattle and beat it. Straker rode Lilypond, and both Mr. Gepp and his brother had a substantial wager on Char!

“And the remarkable part of it all is that when the dream occurred no one imagined that Lilypond would be ridden by Straker. Seeing that this story is verified by at least half a dozen well-known people, it looks as if there is something in dreams, after all.

“Those most concerned are wishing they’d followed the dream’s ‘office’ and backed Lilypond instead of Char!”

A sailor’s dream of impending doom

Another case of not acting on a dream almost had tragic consequences for a sailor according to the Zeehan and Dundas Herald. On 27 May 1922 it carried the story in Fight for Life On Sinking Ship. Fireman Has Prophetic Dream.

meeinderryDetails of the grim fight for life waged by the men on the sinking collier Meeinderry, which was struck inside the breakwater, following a collision with steamer Wallsend, and of a sailor’s strange dream on the night prior to the disaster were related after the men had been made comfortable in the Sailor’s Home at Newcastle.

Fireman West, his clothes still wet from the ordeal, related his strange story.

“While we were coaling-up in Sydney, I had a dream that a big liner turned turtle [turned upside down in the water]. It was the Maraman, and the dream was as life like as our own little affair. The ship turned clean over, and no one came up. When I woke I told my mate, a fireman, about my dream, and said, ‘I’m not going on this trip. Some thing is going to happen.’”

His fellow sailor, however, persuaded West that his dream did not signify anything and so, West remained on the boat as it set sail northward for Newcastle.

The story continued: “He was in his bunk, and again in the land of dreams when the collision occurred. His mate pulled him out of his bunk, and as West stood in his shirt rubbing his eyes, he said: ‘Your dream has come true, old man. The Wallsend hit our stern.’

“… it was lucky for us that our boat was built in good old style of solid iron, or else we would now be in Kingdom Come. A plate was badly split, and we tried to block the leak with a mattress, but the water was pouring in. Then we tried bags, but they only stopped it a little. Men were working hard at the pumps trying to keep water out of the boiler room. We were in water up to our knees pilling on every ounce of steam. Gradually the water crept up and soon began to get to the fires… We thought we were done, but then we found we were just near the Nobby and there we beached her.”

A pea in the larynx and a lovely neck for a rope

A Doctor’s Mysterious Vision was reported in the The Muswellbrook Chronicle on 18 September 1912. The story was vouched for as genuine by the author who withheld the name of both the doctor and the country town in which it was said to have occurred out of privacy for the young victim.

The story begins with a doctor in a small country town receiving a call in the early hours of the morning to attend to a child living on a farm about two miles out from the town. As the doctor had an assistant living with him, he asked the assistant to go in his place.

The doctor’s assistant prepared the horse and buggy and set off.

“As it was a very foggy night he missed the gate turning into the paddock to the farmhouse and went along the road two miles before he found out his mistake; he turned back, and eventually arrived at the farm to find that the child had been dead two hours, and that no one was able to throw any light upon the cause of death. The assistant returned home.

“In the morning when the assistant came down to breakfast, the Doctor was having his, and after saying “Good Morning” the Doctor asked the assistant what he had been doing to miss his way to the farm. He said it was on account of the dense fog.

“The Doctor then said, ‘Why the child had been dead two hours when you got there, and died through having a pea in the larynx.’ The assistant was rather inclined to be angry with the Doctor and wanted to know how he had come to know what had happened. The Doctor, however would not tell him, but asked; him what his [death] certificate was going to be. He replied he did not know, and thought he must have a post mortem. The doctor agreed that this was the best course to take, and said he would go with him to assist…”

Conducting the post mortem on the poor child, the assistant found all the organs to be perfectly healthy, although the doctor found the lungs to be congested. According to the author, the doctor asked the assistant, “what is it going to be?” The assistant replied that he could not tell.

“Now if you won’t cut into the larynx, I will,” the doctor responded. The assistant then cut into the dead boy’s larynx and as he did so, there was the pea.

The author was adamant that the truth had been told, stating that: “This story can be substantiated by the Coroner, the Jurymen, the Doctor, and the assistant. The pea was shown at the inquiry.”

As strange as this may seem, however, this was not the first instance of the country doctor dreaming of events that would soon unfold in the very near future, according to the Chronicle’s article.

“This same Doctor was staying all night at the Great Northern Station Hotel in London, and during his sleep saw all the particulars of an execution.

“When he want into the Station in the morning, he was anxious to know if what he had seen in his sleep had actually occurred; so he went to the book-stall and asked for a paper with an account of the execution. The man at the stall told him that it had not been published but, if he was anxious to know about it, there was Marwood the executioner on the platform with the black bag.

“The Doctor approached Marwood, and after apologising, asked him if he had an execution that morning, to which Marwood replied, “Yes”.

The doctor then told the executioner all that had transpired that morning during the execution. The doctor’s detailed account was said to have staggered the executioner, who tried to pass it off by jokingly stating, “you have a lovely neck for a rope”.

Where there’s a will … there’s an angel to show the way

“Mr. Justice Manning was occupied for a considerable time in the Probate Court yesterday with an extraordinary will case,” reported the Telegraph in November of 1892.

escritoire“The will in question was alleged to have been made by Mrs. Cowell, who possessed a considerable amount of property. A search was made after her death for a will, and two wills were found, one secreted in the back of an armchair, and the other in a secret drawer of an escritoire.

“One will, that found in the armchair, proved to be informal. The discovery of the other is ascribed to a dream which the young woman who found the will had.

“It turned out that she was the beneficiary under the will which she discovered. The dreamer was called in court, but, unfortunately, has had a severe attack of illness since she had the dream, this seeming to have deprived her of the power of describing in detail the mysterious vision which she alleges she saw.

“All efforts to secure a description of what she had seen failed. She was very firm in the conviction that she had had the dream, but, beyond making the positive assertion that she had the dream, her evidence did not go very far. Attempts were made to lead her into making a detailed confession, but she seemed to stand aghast; and it was evident that the dreamer had suffered, and is still suffering, severely in health. The case was adjourned.”

In March 1895, with the court case continuing, the Evening News shed further light on the dream that led to the discovery of the second will.

“The deceased died at Gladesville in 1892, and no will having been found, the estate was placed in the hands of the curator for administration. Whilst it was being administered, however, Alice Maidment, a housemaid in the employ of Mrs. Cowell, had a dream, in which she stated an angel appeared to her, and directed her to search a secret drawer in an escritoire which formed part of the furniture belonging to her mistress. In consequence of this dream a search was instituted, and a will, of which probate was subsequently granted, was discovered.”

Can our dreams open a door to future events, or possible future events?

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2 thoughts on “Dreamland: Closing our eyes & opening the door to the future

  1. Make of this what you will……

    In 1988 our first grandchild was born prematurely. After he was allowed home, he stopped breathing on that first night. I was at my daughter’s home for a week or two to help her with her first child. I blew into the infants face, which did the trick and he gulped in air. This was the first of many incidents in which he stopped breathing, resulting in panicked parents and numerous trips to hospitals and doctors.

    None of the doctors, nor the five specialists consulted were able to find anything wrong with the baby. In all other respects, this was a healthy infant. The situation continued for more than ten months, at which time the parents were running out of money due to medical bills. The parents were also at each others throats due to lack of sleep.

    One night I had a dream. In the dream my grandson was laying on a single bed, my deceased father sitting beside the bed. My dad had his chin on his hand, while his elbow rested on his knee, leaning forward and looking intently at the little boy. At my dad’s right side stood a figure of a woman dressed in a white uniform – that of a nurse, complete with the veil that Matrons of yester-year wore. Not a word was spoken in my dream, but, to me, the implication was great.

    I awoke with a great sense of relief. It was clear to me that my father had taken over the role of protecting his great-grandson. From that day on, the little one never stopped breathing again.

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